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underground overdrive diy musician booking tools


First – you'll need a free account

To make the most of LonoSeek™ within underground overdrive®, you'll need an account on our platform.

We continually add new venues and update existing ones with new information – it's the latest and greatest. 

Don't worry - it's free for 3 months with no credit card required.

How to use LonoSeek™ 


How do I create a free account?

Go to our platform to sign up:

Just give us your name and an email address.


Your first 3 months are free.

No credit card required.

Why are you only offering New England venues?

If you've been researching places to play, you know it’s time-consuming to handcraft lists of venues from so many sources. We chose New England because we know it. 


Venues in other regions are on the way!

How did you verify venues?

We focused on finding great venues in the same way you would for your own band. We personally and humanually confirmed that all venue information provided on our platform is publicly accurate.

We did it so you don't have to.

Can I add a venue?

Yes! We did our best to collect all venues, but if we missed one, we'd love your help. In the menu to the left, under the dropdown "Venues" you will find "Add a Venue" . Add the information that you know, and we will review it and get it on the site.

Minimum required to add: Name, City, State

What should I do if I find some inaccurate info?

If you come across any questionable information, you can submit a correction right from the venue's detail page (the link says "suggest") 


or write us a note here:

If I own one of these venues, can I manage the data?

We're working on getting the tools done so you can claim your venue and manage the public and private facing information. 

And there's so much more coming down the road - stay tuned!

Why am I getting emails from Delphine?

We chose the name Delphine to represent our platform's personality which reflects our belief in the phrase "know thyself", a term permanently etched at the entrance to Apollo's Temple at Delphi where travelers sought enlightenment through music and art from the Delphic Oracle.

She is your guide while in the underground.

Can You Help Me With My Booking?

Umm, maybe.

Well, we'd LOVE to, but time is scarce running a for-love-and-minimal-profit software company like ours.

Stay tuned for our podcast where we'll discuss how to get going in the music industry including how to book gigs.

Sign up below if you want to get notified when we are live.


A curated list of verified New England music venues that have a stage waiting for someone like you.


Wanna browse our venue research first?
Give us your email below to download our New England directory in PDF.

we're giving this eDir away for free

download our research on
New England and decide

we'll swap your e-mail for it!


We're rolling out features for those of you still fighting with your Google Sheets.

Seriously, we built this platform to lift us all up and out of the underground.

Manage Venue Submissions

Now you can keep track of your submissions to venues, set follow up reminders and actually update your communications so you know how it's going.

Share Gig Details

Once marked as Booked, every Gig will have a shareable details page for your bandmates with important information such as load-in, sound check, set times.

Sync to Bandsintown

We've integrated with Bandsintown, so you can push your new Gig to their service, updating your tourbox.


2023 Roadmap

Manage Gigs, Act info and collaborate with your band mates in one spot.

No more lost emails or ignored texts.

No more  crappy, shared spreadsheets.

Just no.

Act Manager

Create and store your electronic press kit on underground overdrive®.

Other perks?

Easy Riders, Stage Plots  and wicked easy Gig Management.


​underground overdrive® has done the research for you! Follow in the touring footsteps of a similar artist or band with custom circuits. 

That's right - enter the known.


Play gigs along verified routes that fit your genre, allowable time or whatever.

FollowMe Circuits

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